What are pressed metal panels made of?

Panels are light weight, heat and rust resistant aluminium. The versatility means panels can be used for splashbacks, wall panelling, door inserts, kick panels, feature walls behind stoves and combustion heaters, outdoor kitchens and barbeques, and gables.

Panels can be specially ordered in copper, soft zinc, colourbond or heritage galv which then extends external uses for special outdoor projects, turrets and roofing.

What size do the panels come in?

The panels are handmade from original moulds which were imperial measurements of feet and inches. Panel sizes approximate to 600mm x 1800mm / 900mm x 1800mm / 750mm x 1800mm / 600mm x 600mm

NB: Not all designs are available in all sizes. Please check design for the size it is available in.

Can the panels easily be painted?

Our panels don’t need to be etched or primed. A seamless result can be achieved by ‘no more gapping’ any overlaps and painting in any colour and finish with a water based enamel paint using a foam roller, brush or spray gun. When installed raw, wipe over with Mr Sheen or similar SILICON FREE polish with a soft cloth.

How do I clean it?

Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth or warm soapy water for both raw and painted finished. We do not recommend using scourers.

Do you recommend powder coating?

We do not recommend powder coating as coating can chip and crack when panels and penetrations are cut, overlaps cannot be gapped, and panels cannot be easily touched up or changed to a different colour.

What range of pressed metal products are there?

Wall and ceiling panels, dado panels, cornices, mitres, rails, freizes and cover strips. This allows like-for-like match ups for restoration projects.


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